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RII31619 - Certificate III in Trenchless Technology

For experienced and new personnel working on Trenchless Technology projects, training programs are now available through Australasian Drilling Institute with funding subsidies.

The nationally recognised industry qualification, RII31619 Certificate III in Trenchless Technology is provided by ADI as the Traineeship programs in Queensland.

Traineeships for Trenchless Technology

Employers can sign up new or less experienced employees into traineeships with Queensland government funding under the User Choice Program 2017-2020 which will reduce the cost of training. The employer, employee and ADI as the training organisation will sign a training agreement through an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider. Employers may be eligible for financial benefits from the Australian and Queensland governments.

Trainees will have a training plan and be enrolled into ADI’s online learning, practical training is on the job and ADI’s trainer will assess the trainee at their worksites. The RII31619 Certificate III in Trenchless Technology traineeship has a nominal duration of 2 years and may be completed sooner.

1. Eligibility & enrolling

Call ADI and arrange to meet with an Apprenticeship Support Network provider who will confirm eligibility and provide details about traineeships.

Training contract is signed by employer and trainee, ADI agrees to be the RTO and the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training will approve the traineeship.

ADI then prepares the Training Plan with the employer and trainee, the trainee enrols with ADI and enrolment fee is paid.

2. Training

ADI will enrol trainees to commence their online learning and the practical training will be on-the-job. ADI’s trainer will assess trainees at their work sites.

3. Qualification

Trainees will be issued with their RII31619 Certificate III in Trenchless Technology qualification when all the training and assessment is successfully completed.

Contact ADI about commencing a trainee.

More information

More information about Australasian Drilling Institute and your Rights and Responsibilities can be found in the Student Information Handbook
The information listed above has been sourced from the RII31619 Flyer.


Upcoming Programs

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
RII31619 - Certificate III in Trenchless Technology: Online Enrolments 01/01/2022 31/12/2022 Please contact our office on 0740322175 to confirm pricing