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G2 - Risk Management

G2 Risk Management - (Carry out the risk management process)

G2 Risk Management - (Carry out the risk management process) comprises of the unit of competency RIIRIS402E - Carry out the risk management process (Release 1)


The ‘G2’ Risk Management Course covers the skills and knowledge required to Carry out the Risk Management Process in the Coal and Metalliferous mining industries. This competency is a statutory requirement according to mining legislation for certain occupational categories as deemed by the respective Mining Safety & Health Advisory Committees.

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G2 Risk Management Online Refresher


This course is delivered in partnership with Mitchell Services Limited

This course of study is delivered via distance learning / online. All learning and assessment material will be available to you upon receipt of your enrolment. Assessment is conducted by submitting a portfolio of site evidence demonstrating competency in the relevant field of study including completing written theory assessments, submitting facilitated risk assessments, and submitting completed safety inspections/audits.

To complete this Refresher, you must already hold the unit of competency RIIRIS402E - Carry out the risk management process, or equivalent.

Mode of delivery

Blended learning is a new and innovative approach to training that combines traditional face-to-face training and assessment with online learning and assessment that complement one another using the involvement of technology in the workplace.


This course can typically be completed within 3 months.

The course duration will remain open for a maximum of 12 months. To extend the course duration beyond this timeline, please discuss with your Training Coordinator the requirements.

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To additionally assist you, we also link in with Learning Support Services who can assist learning support where you believe your proficiency in Language, Literacy and Numeracy may need support.

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